Tummies, beer bellies, spare tires. Call them what you want. They are the unsightly and unwanted fat on your stomach.

Tummies are among the toughest areas of your body to trim. The problem is fat receptors on the cell wall telling the cells to hold on to fat. There are more of these in tummy fat, especially in men. This is why you see men with fit and sculpted arms and faces, but still carrying an unwanted tummy in their midsection.

There are lots of things that can contribute to people developing unwanted tummies. Your age, your sex, your genetics, your health and your diet can make you more vulnerable to gaining unwanted weight in your stomach area.

Treating Tummies with CoolSculpting*

CoolSculpting is the safe and effective alternative to liposuction.*

For years, liposuction was the only procedure available for people who wanted a trimmer figure. That was before CoolSculpting.

Advances in cryolipolysis technology now give both men and women a non-invasive procedure to quickly and safely contour their bodies including your tummy.*

The technology works by using cold to selectively break down fat cells, without affecting neighbouring structures. It safely targets fat cells, while leaving skin, blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue untouched. After treatment, the body's natural pathways clear away the disrupted fat cells.*

Is CoolSculpting right for me?

You’re a good candidate for this procedure if you’re close to your ideal body weight, you eat well, and are active. As a general guideline, we will treat people up to, and occasionally beyond, 40 pounds over their ideal weight.

Treatments are safe and comfortable. There is also no downtime, with only brief whiteness then redness in the skin after a treatment.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you with your tummy today. You can contact us by calling 905.853.3200 

*Results may vary.

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