UltraShape™ Body Contouring

There is a safe effective alternative to liposuction!


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UltraShape Body Contouring


I would like to share with you the wonderful experience I had with the UltraShape treatment offered at York Vein and Laser Clinic. I am a 38 year old woman who had a stubborn belly deposit of 2-3 cm, which has been with me since I can remember and even in slimmest days had refused to go away. One can easily hide 3 cm in almost all clothes, but some summer dresses and skimpy bathing suits were a no-no. Well not any more - the amazing UltraShape got rid of most of my deposit in just one treatment and I can practically wear any tight piece without even thinking about it. The convenience I got is worth the price of the treatment and I would strongly recommend it to anyone!
DG, age 38, Newmarket*

I was excited to see the quick and positive results after the procedure. I am pleased with the results and would do this again in the future and recommend it to my friends.
JM, 21, Aurora*

Easy, simple, and painless. It works and it makes you feel good, and results are fast. It was so easy. It is the best thing for anyone.
PW, 67, Barrie*

I was absolutely thrilled with my treatments. The results have been fantastic and very worthwhile.
LN, 47, Schomberg*

Ultrashape treatments on my stomach, love handles, and thighs produced noticeable results. My family keeps telling me how great I look with the weight I've lost. That was only two treatments per area!
PO, 36, Bradford*

After one session of Ultrashape I had lost about 2.5 cm. Very pleased with the results.
ET, 54, Aurora*

After two treatments my saddlebags shrunk enough that everyone noticed and made comments wanting to know how I "lost the weight".
PC, 37, Newmarket*


*Results may vary.


UltraShape Treatment

UltraShape Treatment of Inner Thighs Before and After 1 Session*

body contouring treatment pictures
ultrashape before and after

UltraShape Treatment of Tummy Before and After 4 Sessions*

ultrashape before after photos
ultrashape treatment for hips

UltraShape Treatment of Hips (saddlebags) Before and After 2 Sessions*

body contouring for hip

*Results may vary.


Questions and Answers


What is body contouring?

Body contouring refers to any technique that reduces areas of localized fat. These are areas where your body prefers to store fat because they have more receptors on the fat cell surfaces telling them to hold onto fat.

In women, these areas are usually below the waist (hips and inner thighs). In men, the common areas are above the waist ("beer bellies" and love handles). These deposits of fat are more resistant to diet and exercise, because of receptor density.

Body contouring is not a weight-loss technique. It works best in people who are at or near their ideal body weight. Results are measured in inches not pounds.

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What can be done for localized fat deposits?

The old way is with liposuction or mesotherapy.

Liposuction is still the best method available for the treatment of localized fat deposits. Unfortunately, it is invasive, involves downtime, leaves scars, and can result in uneven, rippled fat.

Mesotherapy uses injections (a lot of them) to melt fat. It works well for some people, but results are quite unpredictable. We know, because we used to offer it. We stopped because of unpredictable results. And with mesotherapy, people who don't like needles are not good candidates. Although there is no real downtime, the treated area stings for a few hours following every treatment. There can be a lot of bruising, and infection is a risk.

In 2007, a new device came on the market that can reduce fat deposits. It is non-invasive, and treatments involve no downtime.

This device is the UltraShape. It uses ultrasound to destroy fat cells.

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How does the UltraShape work?

The UltraShape uses ultrasound waves that are focused on a single spot about the size of a pea 1.5 cm below the skin surface. The converging ultrasound waves create intense vibrations of fat cells. This ruptures and kills them.

The frequency of vibration affects only fat cells. Nerves, muscles, and blood vessels in the area are unharmed.

The fat that is released from the damaged cells is metabolized or redistributed.

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Don't you also have the Accent? Why do you have two machines for doing body contouring?

These two devices are different in several ways.

UltraShape only treats fat. Accent treats fat and tightens skin. And this makes the Accent a good option for treating cellulite. The UltraShape doesn't help cellulite.

UltraShape can only be used on fat that is about an inch thick and thicker. Accent can treat fat of any thickness.

UltraShape is much faster at fat melting than the Accent. It takes about four Accent treatments to equal one UltraShape treatment. This makes the UltraShape better for thick fat and larger areas.

The Accent can treat small areas like double chins and jowls. The UltraShape hand peice is too bulky to treat these areas.

You can start with the UltraShape for quick results in thick fat, then switch to Accent once the fat is too thin for the UltraShape. Then you can finish off with the Accent for some skin tightening over the area of fat loss. Having both devices is a big plus! 
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What areas can be treated?

Most treatments are done on tummies, love handles, saddle bags, and inner thighs. The UltraShape hand piece is quite large. It cannot treat small areas like jowls or double chins.

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Who is a good candidate for body contouring?

The ideal candidate is at or close to his or her ideal body weight, eats well, and is active. As a general guideline, we will treat people up to, and occasionally beyond, 40 pounds over their ideal weight.

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How are treatments done?

There are no special actions required prior to treatment. You just show up. We use a lot of ultrasound gel. Although it is water-based, it can stain, so wear old clothing. The UltraShape requires careful patient positioning and marking, because the machine has a sophisticated tracking system that prevents the operator from over-treating an area, which could lead to uneven results. Once positioning is done, gel is applied. The hand piece is placed on your skin, the tracking system confirms the location, and a single pulse is delivered. The tracking system determines the location of the next shot, the hand piece is shifted, and another pulse is delivered. This is repeated 500 to 1200 times per session depending on the size of the area being treated.

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How long do sessions take?

UltraShape treatments are 60 to 120 minutes.

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How much does body contouring hurt?

UltraShape treatments are generally quite comfortable. Most people feel nothing. Some experience mild buzzing discomfort. Very rarely does any one report pain.

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What can I expect following therapy?

Your skin might be red for an hour or so, and that’s all. Imagine putting a hot water bottle on your tummy for a while. It will cause redness that will resolve quite quickly. There is no specific after-care, but you are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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How long does it take to see results, and how many treatments will be required?

Most people notice a difference about two weeks after the first treatment, but this is variable. Sometimes it is hard to see the difference, because it comes on gradually. What most people notice is that their clothes feel looser. Generally, 3 sessions are recommended, but this varies depending on your condition.

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Are maintenance sessions required?

Generally, no.

You stopped making new fat cells at puberty. The fat cells that are killed by the UltraShape will not be replaced (unless you gain a lot of weight). There is a loss of fat cells in the treated area, so there are fewer cells available to store fat. Therefore, the shape you achieved with treatment will persist as long as your weight stays stable.

If you gain perhaps 30 pounds or more, your body will make new fat cells, and you might get those localized fat deposits back.

Just maintain a reasonable weight, and your UltraShape results will be long-lasting.

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What are the risks of body contouring?

Virtually nothing.

The UltraShape uses harmless sound waves. Studies have shown that it only affects fat. Other tissue is unaffected. About 1 treatment in 1,000 causes a friction-type blister.

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How should I care for my skin following treatment?

There are no special skin care requirements following your UltraShape treatments. There is no downtime. You just wipe the gel off and away you go. 

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What can I do to help the process?

Stay active and eat a low carbohydrate diet.

During treatment, fat is released from cells. This fat is slowly taken up by lymphatic system and eventually ends up in the blood stream. The fat that is taken into the bloodstream is available for energy. If it is not used, it will be put into storage by being evenly distributed to all the fat cells of your body. It can't go back where it came from, because those fat cells are dead.

Rather than storing it, why not burn it up? If you are eating fewer carbs and being active every day, your body will look for its second choice for energy: fat molecules. The mobilized fat will be used for energy.

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How do I book a treatment?

Call 905-853-3200. 

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What is your cancellation policy?

We require 48 hours notice for cancellation of your consultation or treatment, in order to fill the appointment time.
If sufficient notice is not given, the full value of the treatment to be done may be charged, with the minimum charge being $200 (two hundred dollars). The fee for missed UltraShape treatments is higher than our usual fee, because most sessions are booked for 2 or more hours.

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