Burn Fat While Preserving Lean Muscle with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

Ideal Protein rated #1 in the 2015 "Diets in Review" survey!

The Method

The Ideal Protein weight loss method was developed by a Dr. Tran Tien, a sports medicine doctor and nutritionist, in the 1990s in France. Originally developed as a diet for Olympic athletes, it has evolved into a weight loss program for everyone.

There are three aspects to the program:
1) food

2) education

3) monitoring and analysis

Food: The Ideal Protein method revolves around its products. There are 65 products around which the diet is planned.  There are 4 phases in the program. Phase 1 relies heavily on Ideal Protein foods until the goal weight is achieved. Then in Phase 2 and 3 you are weaned off. In Phase 4 (maintenance) Ideal Protein foods are optional but most people continue to use many of them because of their convenience, great taste, and high nutrient value

The program’s name, Ideal Protein, suggests it’s a high protein diet, but this is not really true. Carbs and fats are restricted, but the amount of protein in your diet stays about the same.

Muscle mass is part of what drives the body’s metabolism. The higher your muscle mass, the faster your metabolism. If your diet causes loss of muscle mass, your metabolism will slow, and that will make it hard to maintain the lower body weight you achieved with the diet. So, protecting muscle mass is critical when dieting. The Ideal Protein diet is designed to help maintain muscle mass during dieting.*

Education: This begins at your consultation. This consultation takes about an hour. It covers the basic science behind weight problems and how to manage it. The Ideal Protein program also involves one-on-one coaching under the supervision of a physician. As a registered dieter, you will get a daily email that contains a two-minute video that motivates and educates. You will meet with your coach every week for education and assessment.

Monitoring and Analysis: Your first analysis will occur at your consultation when we conduct a Body Composition Analysis (BCA). This will show you your per cent body fat and help to quantify your risk level for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. BCA is done every week at your weigh-in.

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*Results may vary.

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